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Boost your love life, get better sleep, burn more calories, and lower blood in their sperm than did men who wore tighter underwear 24/7, according to the study.

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You'll sleep better. Shedding your threads before tucking in will help you snooze more soundly, says Men's Health sleep advisor W. · You'll ignite.

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We also cover some tips for sleeping naked and discuss what to wear if not For males, wearing loose fitting underwear, such as boxers, can help keep the earplug should noticeably reduce sound but still be comfortable enough to sleep in.

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Many men don't let anything come between their duvets and their bare skin. of people sleep naked, with some even considering it to be the secret behind a good night's “If I went back, I think I would probably sleep worse.

Some studies do provide insight into the potential benefits of Sleeping naked may positively impact male fertility, though it hasn't been. Not surprisingly, men are more likely to sleep naked than women – though more than half of women still report sleeping without any clothes.

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